Lionel Messi: 10 times he shocked the world thread has gone viral

Lionel Messi is probably the greatest player to have ever played the game.

The Argentine superstar has won seven Ballons d’Or and has wowed football fans with his genius for more than a decade now.

Messi is so good that we can often overlook some of the incredible things he achieves in his career because we’re simply numb to his brilliance.

At Barcelona, he scored 672 goals in 778 appearances in all competitions and produced some quite amazing moments, breaking some insane records in the meantime.

It’s a nigh-on impossible task to name the greatest moment of Messi’s career so far.

But one Twitter account has attempted to name 10 of Messi’s greatest moments in a viral thread called: ’10 Times Leo Messi shocked the World’.

The thread takes us through 10 of the best Messi moments – and it really does show just many incredible things he’s done in football.

The fact that so many unbelievable moments have been missed out also highlights his outrageous talent.

Let’s take you through them one by one.

“Epic Free-Kick Goal vs. Liverpool with an iconic reaction from Gary Lineker & Rio Ferdinand”
What a free-kick in the Champions League semi-final against Liverpool to score his 600th Barcelona goal. The less said about the second leg, the better…

2. “The goal that broke the Internet. Messi’s solo against Bayern”

Poor old Jerome Boateng.

3. “Even the Clermont fans were cheering Messi, after this magical goal!”

You know you’ve scored a special goal when the opposition fans chant your name afterwards.

4. “Last minute goal against Real Madrid. Leo shocked the whole Bernabeu”

Who can forget Messi’s injury-time winner at the Bernabeu? That celebration was so iconic too.

5. “Unique goal against Nigeria in a must-win game. Leo made Maradona proud here”

The touch on his knee was sublime, the finish on his right foot was stunning. Maradona’s reaction said it all.

6. “Solo goal against Real Madrid in a Champions League semi-final. Look at Guardiola’s and Villanova’s reaction”

Another Champions League semi-final, another magical moment. This time, it was an incredible solo run against Real Madrid at the Bernabeu.

7. “Messi’s amazing header in a Champions League final against Manchester United. It left Sir Alex Ferguson and Ronaldo speechless“

Messi has previously insisted this was the favourite goal of his career. He’s certainly scored better but what a header on the biggest stage of them all.

8. “Messi’s first goal for PSG against Manchester City in a Champions League match. Magical!“

Not a bad way to open your account for Paris Saint-Germain and silence some haters.

9. “Leo’s best chip goal ever against Betis. Even the Betis fans were chanting Messi’s name!”

This goal completed a quite stunning hat-trick and Betis fans realised what they were witnessing. What a goal.

10. “Ankara Messi, that caused a huge Media hype. Leo got compared with Maradona at only 19 years of age, but he still stayed humble!”

Scoring a goal like that at the age of 19 is just incredible. The way he reacted when compared to Maradona afterwards showed he was always destined to be a worldwide superstar.

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