Blaming La Liga President: Mbappe Plays in an Uncompetitive League

La Liga president Javier Tebas has openly criticized PSG and Kylian Mbappe. According to him, Mbappe is not playing in the best team, nor in the best league.

Mbappe's name is one of the most frequently mentioned in the transfer market this summer. From the start, rumors emerged that Mbappe would leave PSG for Real Madrid.

Even so, Mbappe's move failed due to many influencing factors. PSG went all out to defend Mbappe, even reportedly giving him extra privileges.

Recently, Tebas was asked to comment on Mbappe's failure to come to Madrid. The reason is, since the departure of Ronaldo-Messi, the popularity of La Liga has decreased significantly.

Mbappe is not competitive

Slash didn't hold back. He openly mentioned that Mbappe is now playing for a club that squanders money. Mbappe's case is not much different from Erling Haaland's.

"If we look at their clubs [Mbappe and Haaland] now, we can see that they are clubs that waste money," said Tebas.

"Of course we would be happy if they came, but since last year they have not played here. Mbappe is staying in an uncompetitive league [Ligue 1]."

Mbappe is going to Madrid?

Mbappe did not return to Madrid in the summer of 2022, but the transfer opportunity has not been completely closed. There is a possibility that Madrid will try to recruit Mbappe again in the next two-three years.

"Real Madrid will always keep trying to bring in the best players, but for now Mbappe has been forgotten," said Florentino Perez some time ago.

This summer Mbappe signed a new contract at PSG, but only for a duration of three years. This means that Madrid will not have to wait too long to catch Mbappe back.

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