Ahead of the match against Barcelona, ​​the Bayern Munich dressing room is hot because of Julian Nagelsmann

Bayern Munich manager Julian Nagelsmann allegedly made the dressing room atmosphere hot because he did not want to introspect. In fact, Munich is looking at an important match in the 2022/2023 Champions League.

Munich will have their second match in Group C against Barcelona. The match will be held at the Allianz Arena, Germany, Wednesday (14/9/2022) in the morning WIB.

Barcelona is indeed a strong team in mainland Europe, but Munich always has a good record every time they face them. Of the nine meetings between the two teams, Munich won seven times and only lost twice.

This slick record is predicted by many people will continue when the two first clashed in the group phase. However, this belief began to erode with the issue of an uncomfortable dressing room atmosphere.

Don't Want Introspection

The beginning of this problem smelled when Munich was held to a 2-2 draw by Stuttgart in the 6th week of the 2022/2023 German League. It was the third straight draw in the German League.

BILD reports that a number of players are not happy with Nagelsmann's stubborn decision on the game system. This young coach is considered not willing to change the playing system will get good results.

These displeased players have been known to ask Nagelsmann to criticize himself. Because, he prefers to blame the players for the bad results obtained.


Regarding the three games in a row, Nagelsmann denied any pressure was growing from within the team. He is confident that the team is doing well, it just needs more hard work.

"Pressure? I don't know what the pressure is like now. What is certain is that the pressure must come from the outside subjectively," he said as quoted by Mundo Deportivo.

"We will just continue to work, train, analyze the opponent and try to come up with good ideas for the game against Barcelona."

Different Conditions

The same report states that Barcelona's dressing room conditions are on the opposite pole. Yes, Barcelona is in a very happy state.

The players are believed to be in good shape to face this tough match. Moreover, so far Barcelona have never lost.

The situation was coupled with the performance of Robert Lewandowski who remained sharp. This is a good capital to break the negative trend every time you meet Munich.

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