As a consolation for Lara's failure to qualify for the World Cup, Italy must win the 2022 UEFA Nations League - Italy has cried enough once when it failed to qualify for the 2022 World Cup. In the 2022 UEFA Nations League, Italy no longer needs to cry. The Gli Azzuri players successfully won Group A3 and advanced to the semifinals.

For the Italian goalkeeper, Gianluigi Donnarumma, this Italian qualification will be very valuable. If they manage to become champions in the 2022 UEFA Nations League, the hurt of the public and Italian fans can be healed.

The escape was achieved with a convincing victory. Italy managed to secure three points and snatch the top of the standings from Hungary right in the last game.

That way, Italy is getting closer to the title. Although this tournament is not very prestigious, at least the celebration of the champion will ease the annoyance of Italy who failed to qualify for the World Cup.

Bring Back Enthusiasm

Donnarumma felt Italy's 2-0 win over Hungary had sparked enthusiasm and passion again within the team. This atmosphere is considered to be maintained longer.

"We need this win to bring back a little enthusiasm, even if nothing can heal the open wounds that were missing from the World Cup," Donnarumma told RAI Sport.

"It's important to reboot, for the entire Italian public and for those who believe in us. We started the group well with two wins, now reached the Final Four and will try to win them all."

Keep Performance

Donnarumma became the most prominent player in the match. A number of his saves are world class and many hope, including himself, that his performance is maintained like that.

"I think, because this is playing for the country, so there are things that must be more than anything. Indeed I have to do a little bit more in training. But I have to maintain this performance," said the PSG goalkeeper.

"Sometimes it's very difficult for us goalkeepers to recover from mistakes, but we have to stay concentrated, work hard and understand what went wrong, try not to do it again."

Don't Stop Learning

Donnarumma understands that, as a world-class goalkeeper, the slightest mistake can lead to a lot of criticism. He tried to be calm about everything. In addition, he also admitted that he would not stop learning.

“When there is so much at stake, I try to relax in the dressing room and joke around. Then when I step out onto the pitch, my mind is completely on the game."

“Unfortunately, mistakes can still happen. I'm working on it and I know that I still need to work on things like when to play the ball and when to clean it."

Source: RAI Sport 

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