Barcelona Arrested by Bayern, Pedri Annoyed with Two Players?

Barcelona admitted defeat in front of Bayern Munich in the 2022/23 Champions League Group C matchday 2 duel. Come to the Allianz Arena, Barca surrendered with a score of 0-2.

This defeat is certainly a blow to the Barca squad. They started to show positive signs at the start of the season, but the facts proved they couldn't keep up with Bayern's level.

Barca actually played quite well in the first half, but then could not match the intensity of Bayern's pressure in the second half. This result also extends Barca's bad record against Bayern.

Not only that, after the match, rumors emerged that there was a problem with the relationship between Barca's players, what did that mean?

Pedri is annoyed

According to El Nacional's report, Barca's young midfielder Pedri was annoyed by the attitude of two of his team-mates. The two players in question are Raphinha and Ronald Araujo.

Reportedly, Pedri was not happy with the game of the two players which actually made it difficult for Barca. Both of them could not be calm when carrying the ball, as a result they lost the ball more often.

Raphinha and Araujo were seen as rushing the ball, so there were a lot of mistakes that couldn't be avoided. This gap is then used by Bayern.

This gossip certainly steals the attention. After all Pedri is one of the most talented young players in the current Barca squad

Pedri's future

Just 19 years old, Pedri has become an important part of the Barca team. He has made a total of 81 appearances in the Blaugrana costume.

This season, Pedri has become one of the almost irreplaceable players under Xavi's guidance. He almost always plays and his performance is quite satisfactory.

Not only that, Pedri is predicted to reach a higher level this season. He will benefit from the presence of a top striker at the level of Robert Lewandowski.

So far the Pedri-Lewandowski duo seem very fluid, as if they have been playing together for a long time. The combination of the two went very well, even exceeding expectations.

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