Bernardo Silva's opportunity to Barcelona still exists, Manchester City prepares special steps - Bernardo Silva did not go to Barcelona in the summer of 2022. However, Manchester City still feels the 28-year-old's future is uncertain.

Man City's fear is actually natural. The reason is, Silva has counted in two consecutive summers wanting to leave Man City and go to Barcelona.

Ahead of the winter and summer transfer window of 2023, Man City wants to make sure Silva is serious. Either the player wants to stay until his contract runs out in 2024 or leave immediately.

Therefore, a report from the Daily Mail states that there will be one-on-one talks between Man City and Silva. The discussion is about Silva's future.

Stay Open

Man City's position actually remains open to releasing Silva. But because the player had decided to stay last summer, Man City wanted to confirm the player's decision again.

Barcelona has actually shown an interest in the player. However, in the transfer market last summer, no official offer was made.

Man City have set a price of 80 million Euros as the minimum price set if Barcelona want to bring Silva.

Set Strategy

Man City want talks with Silva to take place immediately. That way, Man City can determine the strategy in the next winter transfer market.

The same report says that the talks will only take place in the next few months.

Probably the fastest sale will not occur in the winter transfer market. Man City will only be able to release Silva in the summer of 2023.

Already Have a Substitute

Meanwhile, according to a report from The National Sport, Man City reportedly has a replacement. There are two to three names in total.

However, it has not been opened which players will replace Silva. Therefore, Man City will only confirm the hunt when the deal with Silva is decided.

Source: Daily Mail, The National Sport 

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