Bitter! This is how Pulisic feels like he's been fooled by Tuchel
- Christian Pulisic's career plummeted under Thomas Tuchel's tutelage, in fact he was absent more than played. So, the sacking of Tuchel a few weeks ago seemed to give Pulisic a breath of fresh air.

Tuchel is known as a successful coach who can present the Champions League trophy to Chelsea in a short time. The problem is, the situation quickly deteriorates because of his decisions.

One of the most frequently criticized is Tuchel's decision in determining the formation and starting XI of Chelsea. Many players are victims, including Pulisic.

Many criticized Tuchel, that players at Pulisic's level should be left out. Apparently, Pulisic himself also has a bitter story.

Pulisic Disappointment

Pulisic shared some of his problems with Tuchel. 2020/21 Champions League semifinal, Chelsea vs Real Madrid, Pulisic scored in the first leg duel.

Pulisic's performance was quite good, so he should have started in the second leg. Tuchel also had promised that, but it turned out that the promise was broken.

"I gave a good performance in the first leg and after that game we will play Fulham in the league. Tuchel said that he needed to rest me so that he could play in the second leg," said Pulisic.

"That's why I didn't play against Fulham at all. Then, in the second leg of the semi-final, Tuchel said he changed his mind and chose to use Kai [Havertz]."

Feeling fooled

This means that Tuchel has broken his promise to Pulisic in a crucial match. After that Pulisic was more often substituted until Tuchel was finally fired by the Blues a few weeks ago.

"I really felt fooled and I was very disappointed. I felt I had the opportunity to be a starter, and most importantly he had convinced me that I would play," continued Pulisic.

"So when he played me in the final 25 minutes of the game, I was already very upset."

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