Ex-Ajax Brutal Assessment Of Liverpool: Very Mediocre

Former Ajax Amsterdam midfielder, Rafael van der Vaart, assesses Liverpool turned into a mediocre team when they played against Napoli.

Liverpool played in shambles against Napoli on the inaugural matchday of the 2022/2023 Champions League at the Diego Armando Maradona Stadium. They looked bad from the first minute.

As a result in the first half they have conceded three goals. Liverpool were lucky not to concede five goals in that half.

In the second half Liverpool's game improved and they had scored one goal back. But Napoli could score one goal as well and eventually won 4-1.

Normal Player

The Liverpool squad as a whole have performed below par this season. That view is also shared by Rafael van der Vaart.

But he also highlighted three players in particular. According to him they are currently performing mediocre at Liverpool.

“I think we have gone a little blind. We suddenly thought Jordan Henderson was a crazy player," van der Vaart told Dutch TV program Rondo, via the Liverpool Echo.

"It's just a very normal player. James Milner is also a very normal player. Joe Gomez is also a very normal player," continued Van der Vaart.

Liverpool Mediocre Team

According to Rafael van der Vaart, some Liverpool players are still performing quite well. Take Virgil van Dijk, for example.

Unfortunately, other players like Mohamed Salah also performed below the standard. As a result, it makes Liverpool a mediocre team, as they showed in the match against Napoli.

“Virgil van Dijk is top, right-back and left-back are good too. But if things don't go well and the strikers don't have their day, then I think it's just a very mediocre team."

Ajax Can Be Destroyed

Rafael van der Vaart added, Ajax Amsterdam could still be destroyed if they met Liverpool. That will happen if Luis Diaz and Mohamed Salah are at their best.

"The only thing I'm afraid of at Ajax is: if Luis Diaz and Mohamed Salah have their day, then we have a problem," he exclaimed.

"Then Ajax will never win. Of course not at Anfield, I don't think Daley Blind and Devyne Rensch are good enough for that."

Liverpool Match Schedule

Next Liverpool Match Schedule:

Match: Liverpool vs Ajax Amsterdam

Stadium: Anfield

Day: Wednesday, 14/09/2022

Kickoff: 02.00 WIB

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