Former Chelsea Claims David Beckham doesn't deserve to be in England's best starting XI of all time - Former Chelsea, Jason Cundy, calls David Beckham the best crosser but he doesn't think he deserves to be in the England national team's best starting XI of all time.

Beckham is an English football legend. He is also a Manchester United legend.

Beckham is known as a brilliant passer. He has accurate crosses.

Many assists he has produced from his crosses. Beckham is also good at executing set pieces.

Beckham Too Long in the England National Team

Jason Cundy admits that David Beckham does have accurate crosses. But he felt Beckham did not deserve to be in the best starting XI for The Three Lions.

In fact, he also said that Beckham was not worthy of joining the English national team for a long time. Because according to him the former captain of The Three Lions was only adept at providing crosses and had no other abilities.

"David Beckham's career in England took too long. I feel like his career has gone too long," Cundy said on talkSPORT.

"David Beckham ceremony, he's in the squad and he might find his way in the team, but if you play three [midfielders], where do you play Beckham?"

Prefer Sterling Or Foden

Jason Cundy went on to say there are other players who deserve to be in England's best starting XI of all time. Take Chelsea winger Raheem Sterling for example.

He also said that Manchester City midfielder Phil Foden is also better than David Beckham.

"He's not [one of the best]. He's the best crosser I've ever seen, but I'd much rather have Sterling. Sterling has scored more goals than Beckham."

"Did he outperform Foden? I think Foden is more creative than Beckham," claims Cundy.

"Beckham is a brilliant footballer for England, he is not a world class player, he is not the best England player ever, no, not for me."

Beckham's career

David Beckham started his football career with Manchester United. There he helped United win 12 titles, six of which were Premier League titles.

Beckham then left Manchester United to join Real Madrid. There he won two championship titles.

Beckham has also played for LA Galaxy, AC Milan and PSG. In addition to Milan, he can win titles at two other clubs.

While at the international level, Beckham defended the England national team from 1996 to 2009. He recorded 115 caps and 17 goals. 

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