How many times have Bayern Munich approached Christopher Nkunku? Not Once

Bayern Munich if interested in one player will contact many times. Such is the experience of Christopher Nkunku.

The RB Leipzig striker had become the target of big teams in the summer transfer market. Munich is one of the top fans.

However, Nkunku and Leipzig have just renewed their contracts in June 2022. The contracts have a long duration until 2026.

Because of this Munich failed to bring in Nkunku. Although so far, no one has confirmed that Munich will stop hunting.

Many times

The possibility of Munich to approach Nkunku again is very wide open. Because, Munich is recognized by him many times to approach.

Manager Julian Nagelsmann made the approach. When asked how many times the invitation appeared, Nkunku could not be sure.

"Certainly not once," he said briefly to BILD.

Can Release Anytime

Even with the contract he had just received, Nkunku explained that he could leave at any time. He cannot be sure that he will still be a Leipzig player next season.

Moreover, Nkunku currently has a release clause of 60 million Euros. Munich, which is known to have no problem with such a large fund, could activate the clause.

“No one will know what will happen. It's too crazy to say now that I'm still in this team or another team next season."

Focus on Team

The rumors that circulated did not bother Nkunku to continue to defend Leipzig as best he could. Although currently the results achieved by Leipzig are not good. Leipzig is stuck in 12th place with eight points.

Nkunku is determined to bring the team's performance even better in the rest of the season. Because, he believes the Bundesliga can be won by anyone, not only Munich.

"Of course, I can. Look in France when PSG won everything, but Lille won. We can also achieve that in Germany. The thing is, you have to find a way to be at your best every week."

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