Raphael Varane Reveals Reasons Why Cristiano Ronaldo Didn't Start in Manchester United's Squad

Manchester United defender Raphael Varane has opened up about Cristiano Ronaldo's condition in the Manchester United squad. He considered it natural that the striker did not start because he felt he was not fit.

After being rumored to be moving from Manchester United, Cristiano Ronaldo finally stayed at Old Trafford. He did not leave Manchester United and is now focusing on defending Manchester United.

But Ronaldo got a harsh reality. So far he has been sitting on the MU bench more than being a starter.

Varane believes that the situation experienced by Ronaldo is natural and does not need to be exaggerated. "Yes we all know Ronaldo stays with us," Varane told TCL Global.

Not Participating in Pre-Season

According to Varane, it is natural that Erik Ten Hag parked Ronaldo. Because Ronaldo did not follow the pre-season MU.

Varane said this situation made Ronaldo behind his teammates. So it's only natural that he is recommended by the manager.

"We all know that he didn't follow our pre-season and I don't think as a player you should miss pre-season, because this is our foundation," said the defender.

Major changes

Furthermore, Varane said that MU's pre-season was crucial because there was a big difference in United's playing style. So Ronaldo inevitably had to catch up before he could become a starter.

"There is a fundamental difference with the way we play this season. We no longer play the same style of play as last season," said Varane.

"There are a lot of demands that we have to meet in our playing style, so he has to learn a lot from our new game. Apart from that he also has to get his body fit quickly," he added.

Become a starter

Ronaldo himself is most likely to be a starter in the Manchester United match tonight.

He will lead the MU attack line when they face Sheriff Tiraspol.

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