Serie A Dark Horse Teams Sharper Than Juventus

Juventus has not been able to reach its best level until week 7 of Serie A. Juventus must be willing to be under Udinese until Lazio in the Serie A 2022/2023 standings.

In the midst of Juventus' difficult situation, this dark horse team was able to compete at the top of Serie A. Juventus, which for the past decade has dominated, even had to be immersed in the light of the Serie A dark horse team.

Juventus, who won eight of the last ten Serie A seasons, even lost sharply compared to teams with dark horse status.

Despite having good enough player material, Juventus has not been able to return to their best performance. Currently, Massimiliano Allegri's side have scored only nine goals and are in eighth place in the standings.

The number of Juventus goals has been passed by several Serie A dark horse teams. Here are four Serie A dark horse teams that are sharper than Juventus.


Until the 7th Giornata, Salernitana was above Juventus in terms of scoring goals. The newly promoted team last season managed to score 10 goals from seven matches.

Not only sharp, Salernitana is also able to keep up with Juventus' game. In the 6th Giornata, Salernitana would have almost beaten Juventus at home had Leonardo Bonucci not scored in injury time.

Although sharper, Salernitana's position in the Serie A standings is no better than Juventus. Currently Salernitana is in 13th place in the standings, three points adrift of Juventus, who is in eighth position.


Lazio displays a fairly consistent game this season. Le Aquile was able to penetrate the top four of Serie A with 14 points.

Besides being higher in the standings, Lazio is also sharper than Juventus. Maurizio Sarri's team was able to score 13 goals from seven matches.

Lazio's game this season is quite surprising for Serie A lovers. The peak of Lazio's surprise was when they were able to overthrow Inter Milan with a score of 3-1.

Their flagship striker Ciro Immobile is starting to rediscover his best form. Immobile has scored five of Lazio's 13 goals so far.


Atalanta this season have been the team that has excelled in all aspects of Juventus in Serie A so far. Atalanta are also an unbeaten team until the 7th Giornata Serie A.

In terms of sharpness, Atalanta is superior to Juventus with a score of 11 goals. In terms of defense, Atalanta is also stronger with just three goals conceded compared to Juventus who have conceded five goals.

Atalanta's game at the start of this season was solid and solid. They were even able to beat AS Roma and hold the defending champion AC Milan to a draw.


Besides Atalanta, Udinese is also the dark horse team that most attracts the attention of Serie A lovers. How not, Udinese is able to become the sharpest team in Serie A with a score of 15 goals alongside Napoli.

Udinese's sharp attack line has a significant effect on their position in the temporary standings. Udinese currently occupy the third position in the Serie A standings, one point adrift of the leaders, Napoli.

Udinese appeared surprising in the last five matches with a clean sweep of victory. Udinese was even able to slaughter AS Roma with four goals without reply and Inter with a score of 3-1.

Source: Transfermarkt and Whoscored

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