Tammy Abraham feels more lonely as a Chelsea striker

Tammy Abraham is a different figure when he was in uniform for Chelsea and AS Roma. This difference is influenced by the team's playing system. According to him, he was more 'lonely' up front during his time at Chelsea, unlike at Roma.

Tammy left Chelsea with no credit. As a striker, he only scored 12 goals in all competitions in the 2020/2021 season, then decided to move to AS Roma the following season.

Unexpectedly, Tammy immediately became the main banger for the Giallorosi. In his first season, Tammy has scored a total of 27 goals in all competitions for Roma.

He does not deny that the team system affects his performance on the field. Roma's style of play since last season has brought him to the best of his qualities.

Lonely Job

According to Tammy, being a striker at Chelsea often has to be isolated from attacking duties. Because, Chelsea is more concerned with the midfield and the back line.

Once entering the attacking phase, the attacker is not the main focus of the attack. The attacker tends to be a helper to his other teammates from the line behind him.

“The midfield and the back line are vital components at Chelsea. So if you are an attacker, your job will feel very lonely and alone up front. And it will be difficult," he told the Daily Mail.

Different Roles

Tammy then recalled his role at Chelsea, which he admitted was different from that at Rome. The same thing was said by Romelu Lukaku, who was difficult to score during his Chelsea uniform.

“I remember Lukaku saying that he was at Inter Milan facing goal more directly than at Chelsea. At Chelsea he often turned his back on the goal and did link-up play," he said.

"What he said has awakened me and reminded me of the role I played at Chelsea."

No Curse

Many think that Chelsea strikers are cursed with the number 9 shirt at Chelsea. However, Tammy rejected that notion.

According to him, every striker at Chelsea has different reasons that make it difficult for them to thrive with the Blues.

"There is no such thing as a curse on the number 9. There will be every reason behind the poor performance of the Chelsea striker," he said.

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