United States Surprise at the 2010 World Cup: Group Winners, Overtake England

The United States national team gave a firm message that they were not 'onion manure' at the World Cup. South Africa witnessed the toughness of the United States in the 2010 World Cup Group Phase.

At that time the US national team joined in Group C. They competed with the winning team from continental Europe, England.

The US national team will also face two opponents who have surprises, namely Slovenia and Algeria. The US national team is actually not seeded to win Group C.

But the US still has a great chance of qualifying for the Group Phase as runners up in Group C. However, the US in fact gave a surprise by winning Group C over the underdog England.

US vs England

The US national team started the 2010 World Cup with a tough test. They have to face England in the inaugural match of Group C Phase.

However, the tough test was completed quite well by the US national team. Bob Bradley's team was able to keep up with the English game.

The US national team could even score one goal when they were 1-0 down by England. Steven Gerrard's quick goal was successfully replied by Clint Dempsey five minutes before halftime.

In the second half there was not a single goal in the match. The match ended in a 1-1 draw.

USA Wins Group C

The US national team won Group C with five points. The US managed to record one win and two draws.

Actually the US points are the same as the points collected by the UK. Even the difference in goals and conceded by these two teams is also strong.

But the US is superior to the aggressiveness of goals compared to England. The US scored a total of four goals and conceded three goals while England only scored two goals conceding one goal in the opening match.

Although both qualified for the Knock-Out Phase, England was more disadvantaged by this result. The US who won Group C will meet the runners-up in Group D while England will meet the winners of Group D, namely Germany.

Facing Germany is of course a tough test for the England national team. As a result they also had to be eliminated after losing 4-1 by Germany.

The US who benefited was actually defeated by Ghana who became runners up in Group D. The US had to give up with a narrow score of 2-1 after playing until the extra time round.

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