Urge Juventus to sack Massimiliano Allegri immediately, Claudio Marchisio: Don't wait too long!

Serie A - Claudio Marchisio suggested that his former club, Juventus, immediately sack Massimiliano Allegri from the coaching chair following the poor results at the start of the 2022/2023 season.

In Serie A, Juventus were only able to win two wins in the first seven giornatas. Peak last weekend, the Bianconeri surrendered 0-1 to the promotion team, Monza.

Meanwhile, Juventus' performance in the Champions League was also poor. Dusan Vlahovic cs swallowed two consecutive defeats in the first two matchdays, each from PSG and Benfica.

Claudio Marchisio critique

For Marchisio, Juventus' performance earlier this season was very concerning. The former mainstay of the Old Lady's midfielder also urged the management to act immediately.

"The problem is not that Juve lose, because it can happen. However, lost against Monza without a shot on goal. There is a complete disconnect between the team, the coach and the club," Marchisio told television program La Domenica Sportiva on RAI.

“With a strong squad, you can still perform well even when you are down to 10 men. This Juventus team doesn't know how to play and that's worrying." he added.

Claudio Marchisio's advice

Marchisio also suggested that Juventus immediately remove Allegri and appoint a new coach before the season enters the World Cup and winter break.

"Juve finished seventh in Serie A before, but nobody said it was 'worrying'. However, that is the word Leonardo Bonucci used. If you look at Dusan Vlahovic, he hasn't improved at all since arriving from Fiorentina," Marchisio said.

"This season is basically divided into two parts, so I hope they don't wait for the off-season to make a change of coach. It's a very complicated situation."

Big mistake

Furthermore, Marchisio considered that the decision to reappoint Allegri as allenatore was a big mistake.

"It's been one mistake after another and now we have this," Marchisio said.

"It's not easy to make changes, because who can you bring into this situation?"

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