4 Debuts Worth Waiting for Action at the 2022 World Cup

49erssports.com - The World Cup is the perfect occasion not only for established stars to showcase their talents, but for some of the greatest young players to showcase their skills on the world stage.

The 2022 World Cup in Qatar itself will see big names potentially playing in the tournament for the last time, in addition there are also a number of young talents who are ready to appear for the first time in this prestigious football event.

Of course, it is not an easy task to perform well in the World Cup especially for the debutants. Watched by millions of spectators, even the pressure in the match will affect their game.

Although not easy, these debutants are predicted to be able to shine on the 2022 World Cup stage later. Who are they? Here are four debutants who are worth waiting for in action at the 2022 World Cup.


Jude Bellingham

Jamal Musiala

Vinicius Junior

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