Liverpool Are Demanded To Overhaul His Team, What Does Jurgen Klopp Say? - Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp says he will not overhaul his team despite having just suffered a fourth defeat in the Premier League stage.

Liverpool this season have been subpar. They struggle to achieve consistently positive results.

For example, they can win against Manchester City. Liverpool appeared solid in the match.

But then they made a surprise by being defeated by Nottingham Forest. The defeat then continued when Liverpool dueled against Leeds United.

Liverpool asked to reshuffle the team

Liverpool have now swallowed four defeats in the Premier League stage. This made some of their supporters emotional.

Some blame Jurgen Klopp. There are also those who blame the club owner, Fenway Sports Group (FSG).

These supporters then hope that the Liverpool team will be overhauled. Several players were then deemed unfit to defend Liverpool and had to be replaced by other players.

Some of the players who are said to be unfit to defend Liverpool include Jordan Henderson and Thiago Alcantara. Later, Fabinho's name was also considered worthy of being replaced by other players.

Klopp's response

Jurgen Klopp was then asked what his response was to the pressure from the fans. He said he would not overhaul his team.

He said the Liverpool team did not need to be overhauled because the problems faced by his team were clear. In addition to injury factors and player fitness, the Reds are also faced with a busy schedule. If these two problems are overcome, he hints that his team can certainly perform optimally.

"There's no excuse for that [difficulty controlling the game] but we had problems from day one with injuries or players who were half fit and that's what we brought in and that's why some players play too often and others have to play too early and the next game is waiting. ' he said as reported by the Liverpool Echo.

"Napoli now, some people say we are through, but we have to put in the right performance. But you need 11 starters and then a few days later we play away at Tottenham. That's our situation," he said.

“So now is not the time for a major overhaul. We have to fight and strive for momentum, for confidence, for security, for all these things. You have to fight and that's what we did," Klopp said.

Defeat Against Leeds

Jurgen Klopp then briefly explained what the reason Liverpool lost to Leeds United. He said his foster children had difficulty controlling the game.

But that's not all. He said there are also problems in attack that must be addressed.

“It is difficult but not impossible [to control the game]. The players wanted it so badly that it meant we accelerated with the ball, an example is Robbo moving outside, then going in, but not having the option of passing the ball and then losing the ball twice. Then it was a counterattack. How often do we see Robbo doing that and he has a different choice? He can [usually] pass the ball in and all this stuff but nobody today."

“In these moments we showed that we really wanted it but we had to play smarter against the compact formation that Leeds obviously had. You have to be calm in certain moments, I know it sounds very silly when you want to score goals, but in football it is like this and you have to change the rhythm in these moments.

"We didn't do well enough at the time and then that led to a situation where we lost the ball again and that meant space for a counter-attack or whatever and it didn't look good. That means you can't get any real momentum in the game. And it doesn't feel right. That's what I want to say," said Klopp.

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