Luis Figo Reveals Why He Canceled Joining Liverpool After Leaving Madrid: Feeling Played! - Portuguese football legend Luis Figo has revealed why he didn't join Liverpool after he left Real Madrid.

Figo was once a Barcelona star. He joined the Catalan club in 1995.

Five years later, Figo caused quite a stir. He chose to leave Barcelona and move to their eternal rivals, Real Madrid.

The move made him an enemy of Barcelona fans. Figo even got a pig's head when he played for Madrid at Camp Nou.

Figo Almost to Liverpool

Luis Figo then played at Real Madrid until 2005 only. At that time he was 32 years old and he was in the twilight of his career.

Even though he has three heads, it turns out that he still attracts the interest of several clubs, including Liverpool. Figo admitted that at that time there had been intense negotiations with Rafael Benitez's team, but in the end he did not come closer to Anfield because he felt that the Merseyside club had played him.

"I really wanted to go. We talked a lot," he recalled to the Guardian.

"One week they say, 'No, wait, we can't do it now' and then they sign players. Then, 'Wait a few more days, we need to get this done first' and they sign other players," he said.

"I thought: 'Gosh, are you playing me, or what?'"

Figo to Inter Milan

After failing to make it to Liverpool, Luis Figo quickly found another club ready to accommodate him. That club is Inter Milan.

Figo said the negotiations with Inter went quickly. He officially joined the club after meeting directly with the President of the Nerrazurri at the time, Massimo Moratti.

"Inter appeared. I went to Milan, met [club president Massimo] Moratti and made a decision. I love Inter, that's what I needed," said Figo.

Which Players Liverpool Signed

In the summer of 2005, Liverpool bought quite a few new players. Some come with purchased status, some are transported for free.

The players they bought included Peter Crouch, Pepe Reina, and Mohamed Sissoko. Meanwhile, the player they brought for free was Boudewijn Zenden.

Liverpool itself brought two wingers at that time. Besides Zenden, there is Mark Gonzalez. These two players might make the Reds hesitate to bring Luis Figo.

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