Manchester United Squad Hats off to Erik Ten Hag's handling of Cristiano Ronaldo - The Manchester United squad apparently gave a positive response to Erik Ten Hag after he froze Cristiano Ronaldo. The MU players are said to fully support the manager's decision.

Last week, Ronaldo was back in the Manchester United squad. He was upset not to play against Tottenham decided to leave the stadium first before the game was over.

Erik Ten Hag was reportedly furious with the attacker's behavior. He punished Ronaldo by not including him in the United squad for three days and he also received a large salary fine.

The Manchester Evening News claims that internally Manchester United fully supports the manager's decision. They judged the Ten Hag to have taken the right steps.

Check out MU's internal situation below.

Bring Justice

According to the report, the Manchester United squad are happy with the way Ten Hag has faced Ronaldo.

On the one hand, they feel that Ronaldo's actions are out of bounds. So he deserves to be punished for his disciplinary actions.

On the other hand, they were also happy how Ten Hag didn't go overboard with Ronaldo's mistakes and corner the player. So they judged the manager had made the right move.

More Respect

The report also claims that the current Manchester United squad has more respect for Ten Hag.

They think Ten Hag is a manager who humanizes his players. So they feel that the manager can develop them.

In addition they also assess the manager so far has been fair to them. So they have great respect for the manager.

Finish Today

According to reports circulating, Erik Ten Hag will solve Cristiano Ronaldo's problem today, Tuesday (25/10/2022).

Today, it will be decided whether Ronaldo can return to the United first team or his sentence will be extended.

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