Not Giving Up, Reece James Pede Can Comeback at the 2022 World Cup - Chelsea defender Reece James insists that he doesn't want to throw in the towel for his chance to play in the 2022 World Cup. He insists he will fight until the last second to be able to play in the big tournament.

The 22-year-old defender can be said to be a mainstay player both at Chelsea and in the England national team. The defender has always performed well and consistently in the last two years.

Unfortunately, recently James suffered a severe injury. As a result, he is very doubtful about being able to leave for Qatar in November.

But James made it clear that he didn't want to just give up on his situation. He will fight to recover in the 2022 World Cup later.

Don't want to give up

James said that he believes he can still play in the 2022 World Cup. So he is working to recover in time.

"I will try not to exclude myself from playing in the World Cup later. I have to work hard over the next few weeks to see where I stand before the team's departure," James told The Sun.

"Right now my recovery process is still in the early stages and the process is slow. I've been through the rehabilitation process for the last two weeks and I'm still focused on recovering myself day by day."

Keep Working

James admits that his chances of recovering in time are slim. But he believes as long as the opportunity exists, he will work hard to make it back in time.

"Chelsea's medical staff did not give me what percentage I could play in the World Cup. Everything will be determined how my condition and how stable the situation is, and I know the situation is quite difficult," continued James.

"This injury can take a very long time to heal, but I will do my best to be back in time. I will try everything and I will try to stay positive with my condition."

Substitute Candidate

Gareth Southgate himself has a number of options to replace Reece James at the 2022 World Cup later.

There is Kieran Trippier who is likely to be Southgate's mainstay in Qatar later. 

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