Van Dijk Leaks Jurgen Klopp's Habit in the Changing Room, Likes to Scream! - Jurgen Klopp is known as one of the most eccentric coaches in the Premier League. Klopp often does not hold back from showing his expressions or emotions on the pitch.

Klopp's attitude is one of the things that makes him an interesting figure. Especially with Liverpool's aggressive and intense playing style, it's as if Klopp infects his nature on the players.

Interestingly, it is not uncommon for Klopp to vent his anger on players, especially with Liverpool's difficulties since the start of this season. This means that there is a possibility that Liverpool players will have to accept Klopp's anger.

This incident has happened several times, Virgil van Dijk confirmed. Klopp does like to shout angrily in the dressing room. What did he say?

I really like to scream

Van Dijk openly revealed that Klopp is indeed a person who likes to shout in the dressing room. Of course Klopp is not without reason. There are a few things that might make him get out of control.

"He [Klopp] used to yell at me a lot, of course not in person, because I think shouting in someone's face is a little bit disrespectful," said Van Dijk.

"But when a player needs it, he does it, he screams a lot."

"One thing I like about it is that he does it because he really cares about you or cares about the situation and tries to make it better."

No problem

Receiving the coach's screams might make the players lose concentration, but Van Dijk insists there is no problem. On the other hand, Klopp's assertiveness made Liverpool's players more focused.

"I quite enjoyed the situation, of course in a certain way, because it helped me. When we played Fulham earlier this season, in the last five minutes I tried to throw the ball straight forward, but he shouted and asked me to play a little with the ball," continued Van Dijk.

"I knew he was shouting from the sidelines, so I tried to look that way because I knew he was going to keep chasing me to get the message out."

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