Andreas Christensen Prepared To Be Barcelona Defense Leader Candidate - Gerard Pique's decision to retire had a negative impact on one thing, namely the absence of a leader at the back. Instead, Andreas Christensen was groomed to be the new leader for the Barcelona defenders.

Pique just announced his retirement on Sunday (6/11/2022). He announced this after the match week 13 of the 2022/2023 Spanish League against Almeria. The retirement plan had been submitted a few days earlier via his personal Twitter account.

Many felt that Pique's decision to retire was the right one. The 34-year-old is no longer at his best.

Even so, Pique's experience cannot be fooled. His departure makes Barcelona now busy deciding one player in charge of giving command at the back line.

Most Senior

Reports from Relevo say that Christensen is now the strongest candidate for Barcelona's next line of defense. The reason is simple, the player is the most senior.

The former Chelsea player is 26 years old. While the other three Barcelona center backs are under 24 years old.

Not only a matter of age, Christensen has a leadership spirit. The same report states that he is now starting to be encouraged to be more communicative to Barcelona's defenders to guide them.

Barriers in Language

The problem is now one, Christensen is not fluent in Spanish. This caused his communication with the other players to be disrupted.

However, the Danish national team player is known to be intensely following the Spanish language course. His success in mastering the Spanish language will help him greatly.

If successful in terms of adapting a new language and being communicative to his other colleagues, Christensen is predicted to be a permanent member of Barcelona.

Lowest Playing Minutes

Not only a matter of language, Christensen is not the main priority of Xavi Hernandez's manager. Compared to other Barcelona centre-backs, Christensen's minutes played the lowest.

Christensen has played just seven times (463 minutes), trailing Ronald Araujo (601'), Jules Kounde (823') and Eric Garcia (833'). Pique (639') alone is still taller than Kounde and Christensen.

However, this low playing time is not a matter of quality, but of physical condition. Christensen himself has been sidelined many times due to injury and is now feeling better. 

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