England Called Favorite to Win the World Cup 2022

49erssports.com - The England national team is less convincing in the eyes of the public. However, in the eyes of stars, such as Lionel Messi and Neymar, England is actually one of the favorites to win the 2022 World Cup.

When compared to the other big teams participating in Qatar, England is like nothing. Two teams from South America, Argentina and Brazil are considered far more worthy to win.

Neymar actually thinks so too. Apart from his own country, Argentina is considered to have a chance. Apart from that, the Paris Saint-Germain player also mentioned three other teams he thinks are worthy.

The three teams are all from Europe. Among them are Germany, Spain and France.

Strong Team

Neymar believes the teams he mentioned can still be classified as strong teams. He hopes to meet these teams, especially at the top of the party later which is Brazil's goal.

“The World Cup always brings surprises. There are teams that have surprisingly made it as far as they can in the tournament, although there are many who doubt it," he told The Guardian.

“But I feel the favorites are still Argentina, Germany, Spain and France. I think the four teams, including Brazil, really have the quality to reach the final," he continued.


There was one interesting incident when Neymar had made his prediction. Shortly after, the questioner asked specifically about England's chances.

Neymar was surprised by the question. He immediately rushed to add one more team that could become a champion.

“I completely forgot about England. Of course they have a chance," he said.

Before Neymar, Lionel Messi also thought so. England, which was not convincing, actually considered by him to have a big chance to become champions.

Special World Cup

Regardless of the teams he might face, Neymar hopes the 2022 World Cup will make a special impression on him.

“The last World Cup I participated in was very special for me. The first is because Brazil is the host. Then the second because it became my second World Cup, “he said.

"And I believe this year's edition will be very special too," he said. 

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