Gareth Southgate Takes A Big Gamble To Bring Harry Maguire To The 2022 World Cup - England legend Alan Shearer has warned Gareth Southgate to rethink the plan to bring Harry Maguire to the 2022 World Cup. He assesses the performance of the Manchester United defender is far from convincing to be brought to Qatar.

The figure of Harry Maguire can be said to be one of the key players for the England national team in the Gareth Southgate era. He has always been the main choice in the defense of The Three Lions.

However, many think that Southgate does not need to bring Maguire to the 2022 World Cup. This is because the defender has just recovered from injury so his performance has not been optimal.

Shearer thinks it will be very risky for Southgate to bring Maguire to Qatar. "It's not just a fitness issue but a performance issue as well," Shearer told The Athletic.

Minimum hours of play

Shearer assesses Maguire is not ideal to be brought to Qatar. Because the defender has minimal playing time in the MU squad since Lisandro Martinez arrived at Old Trafford.

"Harry Maguire is not performing well and he has minimal playing time. Lately he has rarely played in the Manchester United first team," continued Shearer.

"His form during England's 3-3 draw with Germany in the UEFA Nations League was also so poor that he doubts he will be able to perform well at the 2022 World Cup."

Big Gambling

Shearer knew that Southgate was very fond of Maguire. But he thinks the manager should think carefully before bringing the defender to Qatar.

"Bringing him to Qatar and starting him in his team would be a huge gamble," continued Shearer.

"Gareth Southgate will probably play a three-back scheme at the World Cup because there are concerns about his defense. I would prefer to see him play with a four-back scheme," he added.

Sit nicely

At the weekend, Harry Maguire was again excluded from Erik Ten Hag in the Manchester United squad.

He was not given playing time against Aston Villa, because Ten Hag preferred to use Victor Lindelof as a partner for Lisandro Martinez in that match. 

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