Kylian Mbappe Almost Retired from France National Team after Euro 2020 - Kylian Mbappe at the 2022 World Cup will become the main star of the French national team. However, no one expected that the Paris Saint-Germain player would hang up his boots from the national team after the 2020 European Cup.

France got a really scary lottery at that time. They belong to Group F which is a hell group.

Les Bleus must be in a group with big teams such as Germany, Portugal, and Hungary as a complement. However, France actually won the group with a record of never losing.

Unfortunately, the luck was immediately stopped in the round of 16, France was eliminated from the hands of Switzerland on penalties. Mbappe, the culprit of the defeat because he failed to execute the last kick.

Experiencing Bullying

That failure earned Mbappe a huge amount of bullying on social media. People could not accept that painful defeat.

The young Mbappe who was then 21 years old was stressed. He felt that he could not face it until he thought about not playing at the national team level anymore.

"I said, 'I can't play for people who think I'm a monkey. I'm not going to play'," he told Sports Illustrated.

Don't Give Up

That thought then changed. Mbappe did not explain how long he needed to be ready to face this. To be sure, he was reluctant to give up for the sake of his national team.

“After that, I had time to reflect on the treatment people did to me. I thought that if I gave up it wouldn't be a good message," he said.

“Because I know I am an example to many people. Moreover, at that time France came with a new power," he explained.

Message for the Young Generation

Mbappe says he has to stick around for the sake of the younger generation. He wanted to show that the mentality of the national team players should not fall just because of things like that.

"I decided not to give up for the national team," he said.

"Because I want to convey a message to the younger generation than me, 'we are stronger than that abuse'," Mbappe concluded. 

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