Man of the Match Newcastle vs Chelsea: Kieran Trippier - Kieran Trippier was chosen to be the man of the match for the Premier League version of the Newcastle vs Chelsea match. The defender is considered a different figure in this match.

Chelsea played their last match of November 2022 away. They visited St James Park to challenge the host, Newcastle.

Chelsea had to go home empty-handed in this match. They lost 1-0 to the hosts.

The figure of Kieran Trippier was chosen to be the man of the match in this match. Why is that? Read more below.

Become a Differentiator

In this match, Trippier was actually not the hero of Newcastle's victory. Because the one who scored in this match was Joe Willock and the one who provided the assist was Miguel Almiron.

However, Trippier was chosen as man of the match because of his good contribution. He managed to make the Chelsea wing attackers die in this match.

Not only that, Trippier is also actively advancing to assist the attack. He was recorded to release two key passes with a total pass accuracy of 80%. That's why he was chosen as man of the match in this match.

Capital to the 2022 World Cup

Trippier's slick performance in this match will be a valuable asset for the defender to play at the 2022 World Cup later.

As is well known, Trippier is included in the list of 26 England national team players for the 2022 World Cup. He will most likely become Southgate's mainstay right-back considering that Reece James has suffered an injury.

So with a solid performance in this match, it will be a good provision for Trippier at the 2022 World Cup later. 

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