Alvaro Morata Has Failed To Barcelona Twice

Alvaro Morata once had an offer to move to Barcelona. Not just once, but twice. However, he was advised by Massimiliano Allegri to stay at Juventus instead. Atletico Madrid also then asked him to stay.

Morata has been in uniform for Juventus in the last two seasons. His current status is a loan player from Atletico Madrid.

In the last year of his loan, Barcelona had approached him through manager Xavi Hernandez. The approach was carried out in the winter transfer market or in January 2022.

However, his move failed to materialize because he did not get the blessing of Allegri. As a result, he decided not to move because he felt he was needed at Juventus.

Won't Go Anywhere

Morata was actually happy with the offer. However, the 29-year-old must seek permission from Allegri first. Allegri's message was clear, he's not going anywhere.

"Yes, I had the option to go to Barcelona. Finally I went to meet with Allegri," he said as quoted by Tribal Football.

"He told me I wasn't going anywhere. He wanted me to play with Vlahovic."

Receive Praise

The thing he likes when Barcelona's offer comes in is, he receives praise from Xavi. Over the phone, the manager conveyed how impressed he was with Morata's abilities.

“Xavi called me and talked about football. For me it is an honor when a coach like Xavi thinks of you," he admitted.

"Moreover, he had time to convince me that he had seen me play as a child. That time he saw me playing around Las Roza."

Second chance

After failing at the first opportunity, Barcelona came again at the second opportunity. This time they came in the transfer market last summer. After Juventus got in the way, it was Atletico's turn to get in the way.

Even so, Morata admits he has never had a problem with Juventus and Atletico asking him not to move.

"I also had four or five offers that came in. I think it's all good. But in the end it is Atletico who have the final say."

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