The performance of the 4 strikers who were called up by the English national team, who is the sharpest?

The England national team has officially announced the 28 players who will play in the UEFA Nations League. Eight of these players will fill the post of England's attack line.

In the UEFA Nations League this time, England will travel to Italy's headquarters on Saturday (24/9/2022) early morning WIB. Three days later they had to return to England to host the German national team.

Facing two European giants, Gareth Southgate prepared the best English players. Against Italy and Germany, England even summoned their four star bangers.

Who is the spearhead of England in the UEFA Nations League? Here are four strikers who were called up to the England national team.

Ivan Toney

Calling Ivan Toney enough to attract the attention of English football lovers. The reason is, this is Toney's first time defending the England national team throughout his football career. Moreover, the call of Toney shifted Manchester United striker, Marcus Rashford.

But it's only natural that Toney was chosen by Southgate on this occasion. This season, Toney is able to compete in the Premier League's top scorer list with five goals.

Southgate also stated that he had been watching Toney for a long time. He also said that Toney's call was not only seen from the number of goals, but also the development of his technique and ability.

Tammy Abraham

Former Chelsea striker, Tammy Abraham is also the name Southgate chose in attack. Currently Tammy is the mainstay of AS Roma in terms of scoring goals in Serie A.

The inclusion of Tammy's name in the England squad made the competition on the attack line even tighter. Because Tammy will compete with Premier League star strikers such as Harry Kane and Ivan Toney.

However, Tammy did not have the opportunity to become a core player. Tammy, last season, shone with AS Roma by scoring a total of 27 goals with Jose Mourinho.

Harry Kane

Harry Kane is a name that cannot be separated from Gareth Southgate's eyes. The top scorer of the 2018 World Cup has become the spearhead of the mainstay of the England national team in recent years.

This season, Kane is still able to prove his sharpness in the Premier League. Kane, with a score of six goals, is the closest competitor to the temporary Premier League top scorer, Erling Haaland.

Kane's sharpness in the England national team also does not need to be doubted. Kane is able to score 50 goals in 73 games for the Three Lions.

Kane is also eyeing the England national team's all-time top scorer title, which is still held by Wayne Rooney. Kane, who is only three goals adrift of Rooney, has a great chance of overtaking the Manchester United legend before the year ends.

Raheem Sterling

Raheem Sterling is not a player with the main position as an interpreter. But Sterling is able to play that role very well at Chelsea.

Sterling, who has the main position as a left wing striker, has the ability to tear apart the opponent's defense. Sterling's above-average speed and dribbling ability is the difference between other English strikers.

Sterling's prowess is proven by his three goals for Chelsea this season. So far Sterling has also scored 19 goals and provided 25 assists for the England national team.

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