Constantly changing, this is Christian Eriksen's favorite position at Manchester United

A confession was made by Christian Eriksen. The new Manchester United player admits that he already has a favorite position in the Red Devils squad.

Eriksen is one of the newest red devil ammunition. He was recruited as a free agent this summer.

Eriksen himself is known as an accomplished playmaker. But at the beginning of his career at MU his position was often changed by the manager.

The playmaker himself recently made a confession. He said that he already had a favorite position in the MU squad.

Check out the full description of the playmaker below.

Changing Position

Eriksen admitted that he was quite surprised because he was played in many positions during the beginning of his career at Manchester United.

He did not expect that he would be played in several positions in a relatively short time.

"I played a lot of positions in this team from the start. First I was played as a striker and then my position was pulled back to become a defensive midfielder," Eriksen told Politicen.

Favorite Position

After playing a number of positions, Eriksen has finally found the position he likes best in the Manchester United squad.

He admits he prefers to be played more in the middle, where he can get the freedom to come forward to help his team.

"Lately I was played in the number eight position and I think this position is very suitable for me," he added.

So mainstay

So far Eriksen has been Erik Ten Hag's mainstay. He continues to be played as a starter in the MU midfield.

He is usually paired with Scott McTominay who looks good to cover Eriksen's position.

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