Cristiano Ronaldo's Struggle Against Ondrej Kudela Etc: Failed to Score, Bloody! - Cristiano Ronaldo failed to score when Portugal met the Czech Republic on matchday 5 of UEFA Nations League A Group 2. However, Ronaldo appeared quite heroic by continuing to play even though he was injured.

Portugal was a guest for Rep. Czech Republic in the 2022/2023 UEFA Nations League, Sunday (25/9/2022) early morning WIB. In the duel held at the Fortuna Arena Stadium, Portugal won with a landslide score of 4-0.

Portugal won 2-0 in the first half through goals from Diogo Dalot and Bruno Fernandes. Dalot scored again in the second half. Then, there was one additional goal scored by Diogo Jota. Portugal won by a landslide and are now at the top of Group 2.

Ronaldo did not score for Portugal. However, that does not mean the 37-year-old performer badly.

Ronaldo stats

Ronaldo played since the early minutes. Of course this is not surprising. Because, Ronaldo is the main player and captain in Portugal. So, very rarely Fernando Santos put Ronaldo on the bench.

Ronaldo didn't score. However, the Manchester United player has an important contribution to Portugal. Ronaldo made an assist for Portugal's fourth goal scored by Diogo Jota.

Throughout the match, Ronaldo's movements and actions were quite troublesome for the Rep. The Czechs were escorted by Ondrej Kudela and colleagues. Ronaldo several times spread threats to be able to score goals.

Ronaldo took off four shots against Rep. Czech. However, there were no Ronaldo shots on target. In terms of creation of opportunities, Ronaldo made three key passes. Only lost to Bruno Fernandes who made four key passes.

Until it bleeds

Ronaldo showed a very high commitment to Portugal in the duel against Rep. Czech. The reason, in the 13th minute, Ronaldo had to get medical treatment because he got a wound on the top of his nose.

Ronaldo had an aerial duel with goalkeeper Rep. Czech, Tomas Vaclik. The collision occurred and Ronaldo collapsed. Ronaldo was injured and bleeding.

Although he had received medical treatment for the incident, Ronaldo continued to play. In fact, the player who had defended Real Madrid stayed on the field until the game was over. Ronaldo continues to play with a wound on the top of his nose.

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