Gianluigi Donnarumma Has He Reconciliated With The San Siro Public? - Gianluigi Donnarumma once had a bad relationship with AC Milan fans. However, their relationship may begin to thaw if you refer to the moment that occurred in the Italy vs England duel this week.

Italy host England on the fifth matchday of Group 3 of the 2022/2023 UEFA Nations League, Saturday (24/9/2022) early morning WIB. In the duel at the San Siro, Italy secured a 1-0 victory.

Roberto Mancini's men won thanks to a goal scored by Giacomo Raspadori in the 68th minute. For Italy, this is a very important result. Because, Italy maintains a chance to qualify for the semifinals of the UEFA Nations League.

On a more personal level, Italy's good results mean doubly for Donnarumma. Let's see a more complete review of Donnarumma's relationship with AC Milan fans below

Donnarumma and Milan fans reconcile?

Donnarumma was once an idol for AC Milan fans. Donnarumma represents the success story of a boy from the academy who was promoted to the first team. His performance is also very stable and was trusted to be captain.

However, in the 2020/2021 season, Donnarumma cut a wound in the hearts of Milan fans. The decision not to continue cooperation with Milan and move to PSG became a trigger. Among Milan fans, Donnarumma was then considered a traitor.

Donnarumma has always identified himself as a Milan fan. However, he was already hated. In fact, when he returned to the San Siro as a player for the Italian national team, Donnarumma was booed. He was pelted with paper toys.

However, when Italy met England the situation was very different. Quoted from Italian Football, there is no more ridicule for Donnarumma. In fact, this time Donnarumma received a much warmer welcome from the San Siro public.

Donnarumma's message to Italian fans

The situation has completely changed for Donnarumma and the San Siro public. If last year Donnarumma's arrival to the San Siro was ridiculed, now the 23-year-old goalkeeper as part of the Italian national team is starting to get support.

"An important win, a passionate stadium on the pitch and in the stands. Thank you Milan, thank you San Siro," Donnarumma wrote on his social media account.

Donnarumma in his first season at PSG, had a difficult period. He was not the main choice under the PSG rule. However, starting the 2022/2023 season, Donnarumma has always been the first choice and has shown good performance.

Source: Instagram, Football Italia

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