Eric Cantona, If Old Trafford Changed Name: I Quit Football Forever - Modern football allows stadium names to change using their sponsors, as has happened in some clubs. Manchester United legend Eric Cantona will be very disappointed, angry, and sad if the Old Trafford name is changed too.

He gave an example that the most felt is the naming of Arsenal's current stadium, Emirates Stadium. Whereas in the past, the legendary name was Highbury.

There is also West Ham which is now naming its stadium the London Stadium. Though the first famous name is Upton Park.

Therefore, Cantona wondered why the names of the stadiums could be changed so easily. In fact, according to him, the name of the stadium is the soul of the team's cage.

Losing Soul

Cantona did not hesitate to say that Arsenal and West Ham have lost their souls. In fact, the name of the stadium is an inseparable part of the history of the club's development.

"We talked about my favorite football stadium before, but now all the stadiums are called Emirates or Allianz. These stadiums have lost their soul and club history, like Arsenal and West Ham," he told The Athletic.

"I played in those old stadiums, like Highbury and Upton Park. I spoke to some Arsenal fans and they hate this new stadium. These fans have lost their club soul."

There's Still Surviving

On the other hand, Cantona is happy that there are still several clubs that retain their stadium names. He refers to the name of the stadium owned by Manchester United and Liverpool.

"Fortunately, Old Trafford is still Old Trafford. Anfield is still Anfield," he said.

"But can you imagine Old Trafford being a brand new stadium called?"

Old Trafford is Old Trafford

This 56-year-old man does not want the Old Trafford name to change at any time. If that happens, he does not hesitate to decide to leave football forever.

"If one day they do that I'm sorry but I'm not a United fan anymore. And I quit football forever!” he said.

"But please, don't call this stadium Nestle, or Amazon. Old Trafford is Old Trafford."

Source: The Athletic 

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