How Saudi Arabia and Egypt Fans Awayday to the 2022 World Cup: Stay in a Desert Tent!

Fans of the Saudi Arabian and Egyptian national teams will have a unique away day at the 2022 World Cup. Because they will come to Qatar by bus and stay in a desert tent.

Qatar tested the Lusail Iconic Stadium which will be the venue for the final, through the match between Saudi Arabian club, Al Hilal versus the representative of Egypt, Zamalek, in a match titled Lusail Super Cup, Friday

Lusail is the last stadium to be officially inaugurated for the 2022 World Cup. Hassan Al-Thawadi, the head of Qatar's 2022 World Cup organizing committee, said the stadium's test moment was very emotional.

"This is the culmination of a 13-year journey," he said.

The iconic Lusail Stadium, shaped like a traditional Arabic bowl, is in the heart of a new city under construction north of the Qatari capital.

Awayday Fans of Saudi Arabia and Egypt

Hundreds of Saudi and Egyptian fans crossed the Abu Samra border by bus, after leaving their cars on the Saudi side of the border.

All must apply for a special fan ID, the Hayya card, which all supporters must have in order to enter Qatar during the World Cup.

The 2022 World Cup will be a challenge for Qatar, in terms of security systems, border immigration, transportation and accommodation. Understandably, there will be more than 1 million football fans who will be in the country.

To reduce congestion from the main international airport, Qatar is reopening an old airport that is usually used by officials and VIP guests.

Tent Lodging

The tent lodging system at Abu Samra was also used for the first time. Qatari authorities expect thousands of Saudis to support their national team during the tournament.

“We entered only with passports and Hayya cards,” said Muhammad Mujahid, an Egyptian who lives in Saudi Arabia.

“It was simple and well organized,” he continued.

"We hope this is a promising start to a good World Cup for the whole Arab world," said another Zamalek supporter, Ahmed Mohi El-Din Othman.

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