Juventus revives interest in Adama Traore

49erssports.com - The link between Juventus and winger Adama Traore has been around for a long time, before the player was loaned out to Barcelona. This time, the news blew again.

Juventus as it is known is in a slump in the Italian League and Champions League. There is pressure everywhere that demands the top brass, management, and even coaches to make decisions.

One of the decisions offered by fans was to sack manager Massimiliano Allegri. However, Juventus has not taken any action at this time.

Instead of sacking, Juventus chose the option to improve the quality of the team. The recruitment of Adama from Wolverhampton is considered a solution.

Healthy Competition

In Tutto Juve's report, Adama will later provide healthy competition in the right wing position. The position is only occupied by Juan Cuadrado so far.

Juventus are reportedly unwilling to pay a hefty severance pay if they fire Allegri too early. So the change in the composition of the squad in January 2023 will make the most sense.

This change in the composition of players is expected to make Juventus better in the second half.

Green light

The possibility of Juventus to bring in Adama is believed to have received the green light from Wolverhampton. With a note, the player only left as a loan player.

Adama is not in the best form since undergoing a six-month loan spell at Barcelona. He had difficulty competing in Bruno Lage's concoction.

Hardly anything stands in his way at the moment, if Juventus do throw in a formal offer.

Source: Tutto Juve 

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