Kylian Mbappe refuses to take photos with the French national team, a new controversy?

There is no Kylian Mbappe in the photo of the French national team entering the international break this time. Reportedly there is a problem with sponsorship in Les Bleus.

This news first surfaced on Monday (19/9/2022). RMC Sport leaked the slanted rumor on Twitter, that Mbappe refused to participate in the team photo.

The absence of Mbappe in the team photo is certainly a big question. However, Mbappe is the main star of France in the current era, especially approaching the 2022 World Cup later.

There has been no official response from the national team regarding Mbappe's absence in the team photo. So, what's the reason?

Image rights problem

According to reports circulating, Mbappe refused to take pictures because of the image rights issue within the national team. The reason is, in the photo session there are many sponsors of the French national team involved.

Mbappe wants to have more control over his image rights. That is, there are several French sponsors who according to Mbappe do not match his values.

The reason, Mbappe did not take advantage of the national team. Any money he gets from the national team sponsors will go directly to charities.

Reportedly, Mbappe is not comfortable if his image rights in the national team are associated with a fast food brand. That's why he refused to take pictures with the team recently.

Will be forgotten

"Mbappe decided not to be involved in the team photo session following the federation's refusal to modify the convention regarding player image rights," read a statement from Mbappe's representative.

Mbappe's absence is certainly a slanted rumor that can disturb the team. However, this case is considered not as big as the one that is widely discussed.

Once the match starts, once Mbappe scores and helps the team, this image rights issue will be forgotten. After all, Mbappe's actions did not harm the team.

Source: Caught Offside, RMC Sport

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