Man United Legend Claims About Jude Bellingham: It's Kinda Similar To Me

Manchester United legend Bryan Robson claims Jude Bellingham has a somewhat similar style of play to him.

Bellingham is now one of the best young players in England and Europe. This is inseparable from his rapid development at Borussia Dortmund.

He is now not only a pillar of Dortmund's mainstay. Bellingham is now also trusted to play in the England national team.

And of course, his tantalizing appearance made a number of European giants interested in using his services. Call it Real Madrid, Liverpool, to Manchester United.

Robson Claims About Bellingham

Bryan Robson said he was very impressed with Jude Bellingham's game. According to the former Manchester United captain, he sees the 19-year-old as having a somewhat similar playing style to him.

He said Bellingham was good at going forward. But he was also quick to help his team while defending.

“I really think he might have a bit of me in him. It's all very good going forward and trying to score goals but it's also about protecting your back four."

"That's something I've always believed that you have to do as a midfielder," said Robson.

Bellingham Performance Against City

Not long ago Jude Bellingham defended Borussia Dortmund against Manchester City in the Champions League stage. He did fail to help his team win but had held City for a long period of time.

In addition, he had contributed one goal. According to Bryan Robson, the match was a clear example that Bellingham was not only good at attacking but also swiftly helped his team defend.

“He has fantastic anticipation – as we saw in the way he darted into the box for his header (against City). But he also won many battles."

"A lot of people think he's more or less an attacking midfielder but he can play well on the other side as well," continued Robson.

Robson's Message To Bellingham

Jude Bellingham is now famous. He will be more famous if he moves to a bigger team later.

Bryan Robson then gave Bellingham an important message. He told her not to be self-absorbed or arrogant when her name soared.

"He has a good size. He is quite fast and in fact he has everything about him. What he has to do, of course, is to keep his feet on the ground and work hard to be the best he can be," he exclaimed.

But you can see why he's a big target in the market because he's a huge talent."

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