Lewandowski didn't expect to be able to go straight to Barcelona

A confession was expressed by Robert Lewandowski. The new Barcelona bomber did not think that he could immediately score many goals at his new club.

In the transfer market last summer, Lewandowski made a big decision. He left Bayern Munich and joined Barcelona.

At Barcelona, ​​the striker immediately shone. Lewandowski did not take long to productively score goals for Barcelona.

So far, Lewandowski has scored 11 goals in eight games in all competitions. That includes a hat-trick against Viktoria Plzen in the Champions League.

Direct Gacor

Despite arriving at Barcelona at the age of 34, Lewandowski immediately scored as many goals as he had been in Spain for a long time. Lewandowski himself admitted that he was surprised by the adaptation process.

"I didn't expect to start like this because you can't predict the beginning," said Lewandowski.

"But I have to say I'm not counting numbers etc, I'm coming and trying to win as many teams as possible."

Cozy in Barcelona

Although he has not been strengthening Barcelona for a long time, Lewandowski admits that he is comfortable at his new club. The players or coaching staff have helped him a lot in terms of adapting.

"I feel very comfortable here, not only because of the club I came to, but also because of the atmosphere."

"My colleagues, and the staff, all treated me well, and how they did everything for me to fit in here, everything makes me feel very special in Barcelona."

Adaptation Period

The Polish striker also hopes that his adaptation process at his new club can continue well.

"I know that the first period of adaptation will be very important not only for me but also for the team and I am doing everything to overcome it as quickly as possible, for myself and for the team," he added.

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