Lionel Messi Gacor at PSG 2022/23 season, this is the secret

Lionel Messi has shown a very impressive performance with Paris Saint-Germain this season. Apparently, behind Messi's brilliant performance is a diet of fizzy drinks and chocolate.

The Argentine national team captain had difficulty showing his magical touch in his first season in PSG's uniform. Lionel Messi recorded 11 goals and 15 assists from 34 matches in all competitions.

For La Pulga, it was his lowest number of goals at club level since the 2005/2006 season. That season, Lionel Messi scored eight goals from 25 games for Barcelona.

Entering this season, Messi is able to show his best performance. Of the 11 matches that have been played in the 2022/2023 season, Lionel Messi managed to gain six goals plus eight assists.

Sweet Food Diet

Messi's appearance, which is increasingly living with PSG, turns out to be the impact of the diet. The 35-year-old player decided to reduce sugary foods, namely soft drinks and chocolate.

According to a report by AS Argentina, Lionel Messi went on the diet because he followed the advice of Italian nutritionist Giuliano Poser. According to Poser, sugar is the worst substance for a professional athlete to consume, as it has a negative impact on muscles.

Giuliano Poser's Comments

"Sugar is the worst thing there is for muscles. The further away you are from sugar, the better," says Poser.

"Refined flour is also a big problem, basically because nowadays it's very difficult to find whole grains that are healthy, without contamination."

"In the right proportions. Much less than what Argentines usually eat, because it is a difficult food to digest."

Eat Healthy Food

Not only diet soda, Lionel Messi also followed Giuliano Poser's advice to eat healthy foods.

"That's why since then he started eating other types of food in larger quantities such as: fish, chicken, unseasoned rice, fruits, vegetables and organic food," Poser said.

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