Ukraine's Existence in Robert Lewandowski's Arms

Ukraine will still be present at the 2022 World Cup, although it does not qualify for the play-offs. Ukraine's existence will only be limited to the arms of the captain of the Polish national team, Robert Lewandowski.

Lewandowski met with former Ukraine national team striker Andriy Shevchenko at the Warsaw Stadium, Poland, Tuesday (20/9/2022) night WIB. The meeting of the two to hand over the special captain's armband.

The captain's armband consisting of yellow and blue colors, according to the Ukrainian flag, was handed over by Shevchenko to Lewandowski. The Barcelona striker accepted happily.

Not only that, Lewandowski promised to wear the captain's armband at the 2022 World Cup. Hopefully, this gesture will be a messenger of solidarity to the whole world.

Big Meaning

Shevchenko felt the armband had great meaning. He was flattered by Lewandowski who wanted to wear it at the World Cup later.

"For me, the armband is a symbol of leadership, strength and passion for your country," said Shevchenko.

I want to give this armband to Robert to thank him for his support, voice and platform in supporting my country and calling for peace."

Symbolic Movement

Lewandowski admits knowingly that the captain's armband he will be wearing has a big meaning. He did not hesitate to carry out this symbolic movement to convey this meaning.

"I will bring the Ukrainian colors to the World Cup. As a player and a man, I support peace and I believe such symbolic gestures are important," he said.

“I believe that as athletes we should use the power of sport for good. I will take Andriy [Shevchenko's] armband to the World Cup in November as a reminder that Ukrainians are not alone and not forgotten."

"It means a lot to me to stand here with Andriy, a footballer and a man who has used his voice and platform to effect positive change."

Different Fate

Ukraine is actually only one step away from qualifying for the World Cup which will be held in Qatar this year. However, the dream of qualifying had to be buried deep because of a 0-1 loss at the hands of Wales in the final of the Path A play-offs.

Poland's fate is the opposite. Poland advanced smoothly to the final of the Path B play-off after its opponent, Russia was disqualified due to the invasion of Ukraine. In the final, Poland managed to beat Sweden with a score of 2-0.

Poland itself will be joined in Group C with one of the leading teams, Argentina. Poland will also play Mexico and Saudi Arabia.

Source: Fotmob

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