Cristiano Ronaldo Here Boss! Become the Most Popular Player on Instagram at the 2022 World Cup

As a very popular soccer star, Cristiano Ronaldo has hundreds of millions of followers on Instagram. As a result, Ronaldo became the most popular footballer on Instagram at the 2022 World Cup.

The Portugal national team captain experienced a significant increase in the number of followers on Instagram. According to a BBC report, Ronaldo recorded an increase in followers of up to 48 percent in the last year.

No wonder the number of followers of Cristiano Ronaldo on Instagram reached 481 million as of Wednesday (21/9/2022). This figure is far superior to other top soccer players.

Starting from Lionel Messi who has 360 million followers on Instagram, Neymar to 178 million, Kylian Mbappe to 72.5 million, and Karim Benzema who has 58 million followers on Instagram.

Having up to 481 million followers on Instagram, Cristiano Ronaldo is the most popular footballer in the 2022 World Cup. Every Ronaldo upload gets millions of likes.

Once Endorsed Rp 53 Billion

Having hundreds of millions of followers, Cristiano Ronaldo is able to get fantastic income for one ad upload on his Instagram account.

According to a Nielsen Sports report, CR7 earned 3.5 million US dollars or the equivalent of Rp. 53 billion just for one endorsement on his personal Instagram.

Meanwhile, Lionel Messi is the second most expensive footballer to upload on Instagram. Messi earns 2.6 million US dollars (Rp 39 billion) per post on Instagram.

The Most Influential French National Team

Cristiano Ronaldo's followers on Instagram, which reached 481 million, were not able to increase the number of followers of the Portugal national team. Currently, A Selecao's followers on Instagram stand at 10.4 million.

This number is far behind the French national team. Les Blues is the most influential team in the 2022 World Cup with a number of followers that reaches 11.7 million.

The Brazilian national team is in second place with 11.5 million followers, followed by England in fourth (8.5 million) and Argentina in fifth (7.3 million).

List of Most Popular Footballers on Instagram

Cristiano Ronaldo - Portugal - Manchester United - 481 million followers

Lionel Messi - Argentina - PSG - 360 million followers

Neymar - Brazil - PSG - 178 followers

Kylian Mbappe - France - PSG - 72.5 million

Karim Benzema - France - Real Madrid - 58

Paul Pogba - France - Juventus - 55 million

Sergio Ramos - Spain - PSG - 53 million

Paulo Dybala - Argentina - AS Roma - 49 million

Vinicius Junior - Brazil - Real Madrid - 23 million

N'Golo Kante - France - Chelsea - 14 million

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