Predict the fate of Manchester United for the 2022/2023 season Supercomputer version: Failed to enter the top 4!

Manchester United is predicted to fail to finish in the top four of the 2022/2023 Premier League standings. This prediction is made by a supercomputer.

This season, Manchester United started a new era with the new manager, Erik ten Hag. Unfortunately, Ten Hag's debut was tarnished by two consecutive defeats in the first two weeks.

However, after that Ten Hag made a revolution and the results were truly extraordinary. Manchester United has won four in a row and is now starting to push into the top of the standings.

Supercomputer Prediction

Now, Fivethirtyeight's supercomputer predicts that Manchester United will again fail to finish in the top four standings. This means that next season United will not play in the Champions League again.

Fivethirtyeight's supercomputer uses both offensive and defensive components to determine whether a team will be able to win a match.

From the results of this analysis, the Fivethirtyeight supercomputer then compiled a list to see how many points a team would get at the end of the season.

Prediction of the Big 6 Final Standings of the Premier League 2022/2023

1 - Manchester City (87 points)

2 - Liverpool (75 points)

3 - Arsenal (71 points)

4 - Tottenham Hotspur (69 points)

5 - Chelsea (64 points)

6 - Manchester United (61 points)

Predictions in the Europa League

Meanwhile, Fivethirtyeight also predicts the fate of Manchester United in the Europa League. United themselves started their journey in Europe this season with one win and one defeat each.

According to supercomputer Fivethirtyeight, Manchester United are sixth in the list of favorites to win the Europa League this season (5 percent).

Manchester will have a 20 percent chance to get through to the semifinals and 10 percent to successfully advance to the final in Budapest in May 2023.

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