Remembering the Magic of Romario, Player of the Year at the 1994 World Cup

Brazil won the World Cup in 1994. The Selecao's success in the United States is inseparable from the magic of Romario.

After being able to perform brilliantly with PSV Eindhoven by delivering three-time Dutch League champions and going crazy with Barcelona, ​​Brazilian football legend, Romario, has transformed into one of the most dangerous strikers in Europe.

Armed with that classy record, he was called by Carlos Alberto Parreira to join the Brazil squad at the 1994 World Cup. Even the Selecao public had high hopes for the player born on January 29, 1966, to bring Brazil to victory in the event.

Because, at that time Brazil had been famined for the World Cup title for 24 years. Fortunately, Brazil's journey in the 1994 World Cup was so smooth that it was able to advance to the final to meet Italy.

The result? Brazil won the title on penalties, with Romario as the last executioner to successfully carry out his duties well. Romario also won the title of top scorer at the 1994 World Cup at that time with a score of five goals.

Become the Best Player

Thanks to his contribution during the 1994 World Cup, Romario was ordained as the best player in the tournament held in the United States. He managed to outperform names such as Hristo Stoichkov from Bulgaria and maestro from Italy, Roberto Baggio.

Uniquely, Romario is the only player who is able to combine the title of best player in the tournament and also the title of world champion.

Wasn't Called

Brazil coach Carlos Alberto Parreira did not call Romario from the World Cup qualifying round because he was annoyed by his words. Romario's words irritated Parreira after Brazil against Germany at the end of 1992.

In that match, Romario was substituted. Even though he came with a shiny achievement with PSV Eindhoven. Romario also said that if he knew he would be backed up, he would not have flown from the Netherlands.

Parreira did not call Romario from 1992. However, the World Cup qualifying party against Uruguay became momentum. Parreira finally called Romario because Brazil needed to win.

Experiencing a Kidnapping Incident

Romario once uttered unkind words to Brazilian legend Pele, saying he was "mentally handicapped". His actions led to an unexpected event that his father Edevair was kidnapped from a city bar in the Penha district of Santa Catarina province by mobsters who were crazy about Pele.

They threatened Romario to apologize and ransom his father with a fantastic 7 million dollars. Romario, who at that time defended Barcelona, ​​was even willing to return to Brazil to find his father.

However, when he was raided, the father was engrossed in enjoying beer, steak and cigarettes while relaxing on the mat. Don't forget the father was engrossed in watching his son fight in El Classico through the television provided by the kidnapper.

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