Spain sees the 2022 UEFA Nations League match as the 2022 World Cup knockout stage - There are teams who take the UEFA Nations League lightly, others take it seriously. One of the teams who are taking it seriously is Spain. So serious, the final match of Group A2 is seen as the 2022 World Cup match.

In the last match, Spain will face Portugal at the Estadio Municipal de Braga, Portugal, Wednesday (28/9/2022) early morning hrs. This match will determine who will qualify for the last four of the 2022 UEFA Nations League.

Therefore, the coach of the Spanish national team Luis Enrique did not want to waste this opportunity. Incidentally the opponent is Portugal, a complete test package for Spain ahead of the World Cup in Qatar.

In order to qualify for the semifinals, La Furia Roja must win the match. If the draw, let alone lose, then Portugal will represent Group A2.

Take it Seriously

Enrique doesn't want this match to be seen as an ordinary test match. On the other hand, with the 2022 World Cup just around the corner, he wants the players to think of it as a phase in the knockout stages.

"We have planned this match as if it were the quarter-finals in Qatar. We have to win, even a draw would be useless," he said.

"We are very positive to be able to compete for six games in the group and have a chance to finish top of the table and qualify for the top four. So I'm sure against Portugal we will do a good job."

Still Favorite in the 2022 World Cup

In addition, Enrique also talked about the chances of winning in Qatar. According to him, it's natural for a team like Spain to be the favourite, as are the top teams from Europe.

"When we talk about the World Cup, people will always favor two teams, namely Argentina and Brazil. They are favorites because of the history they have," he said.

"It's the same with the top teams in Europe. Are teams like England and France not currently favorites at the World Cup?"

Source: ESPN 

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