Thomas Muller Explains Why Bayern Munich Didn't Completely Lose Losing Robert Lewandowski

Losing one of the best players of all time like Robert Lewandowski is not a pleasant thing for Bayern Munich. However, attacking midfielder Thomas Muller sees it from a different perspective.

Lewandowski's fertility with Munich can't be denied. 344 goals scored in 375 matches in all competitions that have been played is a very impressive record.

Muller became one of the figures who lived, played together, as well as served as a servant to Lewandowski during his heyday. And now, these two golden pairs will clash with each other by defending different uniforms.

Bayern Munich will host Barcelona, ​​Lewandowski's new team, in Group C of the 2022/2023 Champions League at the Allianz Arena, Germany, Wednesday (14/9/2022) early morning WIB. This match will actually prove Muller's words that losing Lewandowski is not entirely wrong


One of the positive sides of Lewandowski's absence is that the direction of Munich's attack is now difficult to predict. If previously Lewandowski was always the target of attack, Muller revealed that now there are more options up front.

"Our connection on the pitch has developed over the years. But now we have a lot of flexible players up front and don't just have one target man," he said at an official press conference.

"The opponents at this time do not know who will be the target of our attacks. But of course this has to be useful by scoring goals."


What Muller said was true. In Munich's last seven matches, no one has got a definite place in the attacking position.

Manager Julian Nagelsmann even sometimes has a variety of tactics. He can use two attackers up front or it can be a single attacker.

The players who are chosen in the pole position have so far been different. Sadio Mane and Serge Gnarby had a duet in front. Muller was also Mane's duet. Finally, Muller was plotted as a lone attacker.

Trust the Coach

Muller revealed that whatever formation or tactic he will use, he fully trusts the coach. Because, he believes Nagelsmann has a variety of games that are more mature than he thought.

"Of course sometimes I exchange ideas with the coach. But the coach is already an expert in weight management, tactics and line-up," said Muller.

"He doesn't really need any tips from us. We're just brainstorming and I think that's normal."

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