Xavi Hernandez has a strong feeling that Barcelona will win against Bayern Munich

Barcelona has a tendency to find it difficult to win every time they meet Bayern Munich. However, manager Xavi Hernandez has a strong feeling that Barcelona will win the game when these two teams clash again.

Barcelona will face Bayern Munich in the second match of Group C of the 2022/2023 Champions League. The match will take place at the Allianz Arena, Germany, Wednesday (14/9/2022) early morning WIB.

According to the track records of both teams, Munich proved to be far more dominant. The proof is from the 13 meetings that have occurred, Barcelona have only been able to win twice.

Xavi himself had once tasted the power of Munich when he was in charge of Barcelona. As a result, Barcelona fell 0-3 in the 2021/2022 Champions League group stage and then at the same place.

Strong Feeling

Xavi is not so worried about the record of his first meeting with Munich and the record of meeting the two teams. He admits that Barcelona are in a very good position to win this match.

"We're talking about one of the best teams in the world. We've never won in Munich before, so it's a difficult place to win games," he told an official press conference.

"But we as a team already have the feeling that we will win this game. In the end the dynamic that we are difficult to win against them will change."

Stay Tight

Even so, Xavi predicts the match will still be the same. Both teams have their own playing style that is proactive on the ball and doesn't want to lose the ball for too long.

"I expect a tight game. Both teams have the ball and we will suffer when we don't have it," he explained.

"I think it will be a very intense and aggressive game. We will try to dominate the game and monopolize possession."

Different Fate

Barcelona and Munich actually were in a slightly different fate at the beginning of the season. Especially in their respective domestic leagues.

Barcelona is still mighty in the first five matches in the 2022/2023 Spanish League by picking up four wins and a draw. They are in second place in the standings behind Real Madrid.

Munich also haven't lost in six of their 2022/2023 Bundesliga matches, but Munich have recently drawn three in a row. As a result, Munich can only be ranked 3rd in the standings under Union Berlin and SC Freiburg.

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