Ahead of Arsenal vs Liverpool, Klopp Praises Gabriel Jesus

49erssports.com - Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has praised Gabriel Jesus for his current form at Arsenal but warned the Brazilian that his team were ready to put a damper on his game.

Arsenal were quite active in buying new players in the summer of 2022 yesterday. Some of their players transported to the Emirates.

One of them is Gabriel Jesus. He was transported from rival club, Manchester City.

This purchase turned out to be a hit. So far Gabriel has scored five goals in 10 matches. All of those goals he scored from eight matches in the Premier League.

Klopp Loves Gabriel

Ahead of the Arsenal vs Liverpool duel, Jurgen Klopp admitted that he really liked Gabriel Jesus. But he said he clearly would not be able to bring Gabriel to Anfield.

Because Liverpool is Man City's rival. But he was quite surprised when City finally released Gabriel to Arsenal.

"I don't know Gabriel personally, but I've always liked him as a player. I don't think City, actually I know City won't sell him to any club except Arsenal, the gap is quite big," he said as reported by the Liverpool Echo.

“Geographically! They did it," Klopp continued.

The reason Gabriel Jesus Gacor at Arsenal

Jurgen Klopp then revealed what the reason Gabriel Jesus could perform well with Arsenal. He said it happened because Mikel Arteta put him in his original position, and not at the wing post as Josep Guardiola did at Manchester City.

"He's an extraordinary player, you always see it when he plays for City. His role at City is a number nine, a winger."

"Last year everyone said City didn't have the number nine. He's still there but he plays most of the time from the wings. Now he can play his part. He's flying at the moment, full of confidence," Klopp said.

Klopp's warning to Gabriel Jesus

But Jurgen Klopp then gave a warning to Gabriel Jesus. He will not allow the striker to appear freely when Liverpool meet Arsenal later.

"That's what confidence does to high quality players. If you don't play against them it's easy to enjoy what he's doing at the moment."

"Now he's against us for the weekend so we have to make sure he stops flying for the weekend," Klopp said.

Liverpool Match Schedule

Next Liverpool Match Schedule:

Match: Arsenal vs Liverpool

Stadium: Emirates

Day: Sunday, 09 October 2022

Kickoff: 22.30 WIB 

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