Arsenal vs Liverpool, Klopp admits he has tried to sign Odegaard - Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp admits he has tried to sign the midfielder who is currently Arsenal's mainstay, Martin Odegaard.

In 2021 ago, Liverpool traveled to Arsenal's headquarters. At that time the Reds won a landslide victory 0-3.

At that time Klopp was seen talking for quite a while with Odegaard. This sparked news that the German manager might be interested in signing him from Real Madrid to Liverpool.

At that time Odegaard did strengthen Arsenal on loan from Madrid. In the end the young Norwegian midfielder joined the Gunners permanently.

Klopp tries to sign Odegaard

Jurgen Klopp admits that he does admire Martin Odegaard. In fact he also admitted that he had tried to bring him a few years ago.

Precisely when he was still coaching Borussia Dortmund. Meanwhile Odegaard is still around 15 years old.

Unfortunately Klopp was made to bite the finger. Because Odegaard ultimately chose to join Real Madrid.

“I really like him [Odegaard]. It's so easy these days," Klopp told TV2.

Klopp is sad

Unfortunately Martin Odegaard took the wrong decision. He couldn't shine at Real Madrid.

Odegaard's failure also made Jurgen Klopp sad. "It was a bit more difficult at the start of his career when he was at Real Madrid. Then it seemed that it was not to his liking. I'm very disappointed with that, because we wanted him at Dortmund when he was very young."

“We had long conversations when he was little, together with his father. In the end he decided Madrid, and that's good, but that's why I always followed him (his career development)," Klopp admitted.

A leader

Martin Odegaard not only performed well as an attacking midfielder. He also has the advantage of being a leader and that has won praise from Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta.

"In my opinion, when he [Odegaard] speaks, every player listens to him, that's a very important quality. Maybe it's true that he is not the loudest, but he leads by example day by day," he told Arsenal's official website.

"And he always does everything right. He is very humble, he tries to help every player," said Arteta.

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