Casemiro Gets Praise From Arsenal Legend: Truly Classy! - Arsenal legend Martin Keown admitted that he was very impressed with Casemiro's performance with Manchester United, including against Chelsea.

Casemiro only moved to Man United in the summer of 2022 yesterday. The transfer was surprising because previously MU was more widely said to be after Frenkie de Jong.

He did not immediately become a regular MU player. But when trusted to play, the Brazilian midfielder appeared slick.

Including when Manchester United met Chelsea on Saturday (22/10/2022) yesterday at Stamford Bridge. He scored the goal that saved the Red Devils from defeat against the Blues.

Classy Casemiro

Casemiro's appearance caught the attention of Martin Keown. The former Arsenal defender said the former Real Madrid player looked elegant in Manchester United's midfield.

Keown also said that Manchester United had not had a player like Casemiro in a long time. The good thing is, the 30-year-old is not only good at defending but can help build attacks with his measured passes.

"Absolutely classy. I think he's a player they've been missing for years. Does everything in that midfield. The real brain of the team's defence, and he can pass too," he told BBC Match of the Day.

First Class Positioning

Martin Keown also admitted that he was amazed by the way Casemiro broke the opponent's attacks. He was impressed by his brilliant positioning.

Casemiro is said to be in the right position to break the opponent's attack. So he doesn't have to play brutally to help his team survive.

"He never messes around. He smells danger. He feels really good, he anticipates things. If you give it to him in a difficult situation he can get a pass. You see people doing that in front of you, it's brilliant. The positioning is first class," he praised.

“He is always in the right place for his team. When they needed him the most he came forward, took responsibility. It was a great header, his first goal for United. See what it means to him."

Ten Hag not surprised by Casemiro's performance

Manchester United manager Erik Ten Hag previously admitted he was not surprised by Casemiro's slick performance. Because from the start he knew what the midfielder could offer for United.

"That's the reason why we bought him," Ten Hag told Sky Sports.

"We know that he can make a difference for us. He has already proven that in Spain and also in the Champions League. So he has proven his ability at the highest level," he exclaimed.

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