Erik Ten Hag's praise for Casemiro: He's the cement of Manchester United - Manchester United manager Erik Ten Hag recently praised Casemiro. He said the midfielder now has a crucial role for the Red Devils squad.

After being rarely played at the beginning of this season, Casemiro began to diligently become a starter in the MU squad. He has been given more playing time by Erik Ten Hag in the last month.

Ten Hag himself was not wrong to give Casemiro the opportunity to play. Because the midfielder has always shown good performance in the Red Devils' midfield lately.

Ten Hag said he was satisfied with the performance shown by the midfielder. "I call him [Casemiro] the cement of our midfield," Ten Hag told MUTV.

Read the manager's full comments below.

Dominant in Midfield

Ten Hag thinks Casemiro really has a positive impact on United. He believes the midfielder has a big contribution to his squad.

"He [Casemiro] made a big difference to our team when we had the ball or we lost the ball. He helped our team dominate the game," continued Ten Hag.

"He can really be dominant in our midfield. He makes our players perform better especially our midfielders."

Elite Midfielder

Ten Hag also thinks that there is one ability of Casemiro that he really likes. He thinks the midfielder is very careful in reading the game so it is very useful for his team.

"He is able to read the game well. He helps the other players to be in the right position by directing them directly," continued Ten Hag.

"He is able to anticipate all possibilities when we carry the ball or lose the ball. He is also able to make accurate passes," he added. 

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