On Fire, Gary Neville Optimistic MU Can Finish in the Top 4 of EPL 2022/23

49erssports.com - Manchester United legend Gary Neville recently revised his remarks regarding the condition of his former club. He now mentions that United has great potential to finish in the top four of the EPL at the end of the season.

At the beginning of the 2022/23 season, Manchester United's performance was less stable. They have dropped points several times as a result of this performance.

That's why Gary Neville had doubts United could finish in the top four at the end of the season. At that time he judged the competition for the top four of the EPL this season was too fierce and MU was unable to compete.

But recently Neville corrected his statement. He said that now United are very likely to qualify for the top four.

Check out the former captain's full comments below.

Now Potential

Neville told Sky Sports that United now has the potential to finish in the top four. He considered United's current performance to be getting better and ready to compete for that position.

"I think they now have a very big chance of finishing in the top four," said Neville.

"If you look at their current condition, I think they are ready to compete with Chelsea, Liverpool and Spurs and get past them."

Can Do Something Special

Neville said that he initially doubted Manchester United could compete for the top four positions. But he thinks United's current performance is much better and they are ready to do something special.

"Honestly I didn't think they could do that [competing for the top four] four or five weeks ago, because United's squad at the moment is not as strong as the other teams," explained Neville.

"But for now there is something special going on under the leadership of Ten Hag and that makes them have a great spirit," he added.

Haven't Lost

Manchester United itself is currently in a very positive trend.

The Red Devils are unbeaten in their last eight matches, with six wins and two draws. 

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